The french artist, Yves-Marie de Malleray

Yves-Marie de Malleray, french famous artist, Hermès talent.

Yves-Marie de Malleray was born in Touraine, “the garden of  France” where Kings of France were drawn to stay in its natural beauty. Raised amongst inhabitants that still valued tradition and heritage, the artist was influenced by these formative years, surrounded by the splendour and elegance of the gilded Royal residences.

The artist is continually innovating in his technique and material application, crossing new frontiers in the creation of art. He has developed a unique form of bas-relief, which combines engraving and painting. This aesthetically beautiful technique combines classical traditions in art with modern skills, thereby manifesting his desire to reconcile a glorious bygone era with contemporary times.

Yves -Marie de Malleray commet “ I have dedicated my life work to conveying the beauty of nature through art”.

Yves-Marie de Malleray aims to show us the animal world in all its fabulous diversity and majesty, but would also like to remind us of its fragility. Through his art, he hopes to convince us to protect and cherish the animal world, a legacy of natural beauty we need to safeguard, as our ancestors did, for our children to enjoy.
Combining the unique technique of bas relief with traces of gold reminiscent of ancient palaces, Yves-Marie wants to share with us a sense of “lost paradise”, as well as a powerful feeling of the exotic beauty of animals that speaks to the soul.
Yves-Marie de Malleray has held exhibits in Paris, London, Tokyo and Dubaï.
From his artist studio, he has created wonderful scenes for the famous French brand Hermes.
He has also collaborated with famous architects and decorators for works in hotels and cruise liners.
He spends the rest of his time contemplating the infinite beauty of the wilderness.